Why are the Wats app users closing accounts?

Why are the Wats app users closing accounts?
Facebook app whats app temporarily suspends many users’ accounts that use third-party versions of their app due to security concerns.
Apps like Whats app Plus and GBB Whats apps were available on Android and Apple IOSs which have been created by third parties and have made many attractive changes.
The Whats app says he can not confirm the security of the third-party apps and these apps do not meet its security standards.
The Whats app has said in a post that if you got a message using the Wats app that said that your account has been temporarily suspended, the version of the Wats app you use is also valid. do not have.
According to the Whats app, such accounts have not been permanently closed, but users have been asked to make their chat backup in such a case and use the service by downloading the correct version of the app.

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