Suzuki increased the cost of vehicles to one lakh rupees

Suzuki increased the cost of vehicles to one lakh rupees

Suzuki Mehran production will be closed next month .But Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited has increased its value of 20 thousand rupees before it will be applicable on April 1.
The company announced in September last year that the announcement of the Mehran VRR closure in November, where it also announced the closure of Mehran VX in November.
At that time, the company has said that the company sold 19 thousand 247 units of Mehran VXR from September 2018 to March 2019, while in the same period 4,000 574 units of Mehran VX were sold.
According to the prices applied from April 1, the price of Mehran VX and Mehran VX has increased to 7 lakh 99 thousand and 8 lakh 80 thousand respectively, where their prices have increased 10 to 20 thousand respectively.
Wagon RVX and VXL prices have increased, respectively, 12 lakh 64 thousand and 13 lakh 44 thousand rupees, where their prices were respectively 12.500 thousand and 13 lakh 14 thousand rupees.
Claims VRR and VXL have been increased 14.500 thousand and 15 lakh 51 thousand respectively, from 1400,000 and 15 million 31 thousand respectively
The prices of bulls and cargo have grown up to 8,747 thousand and 8 lakh 40 thousand respectively, where the prices were 8.854 thousand and 8 lakh 20 thousand respectively
Ravi, APV, SzizT and Sziz AT will be available in respect of 7 lakh 96 thousand, 31 lakh 40 thousand, 21 lakhs 60 thousand and 23 lakhs respectively, before the cost of these vehicles, 7 lakhs 76 thousand, 30 lakh 40 thousand, 20 lakh 60 thousand and 22 lakh rupees Was it

The Suzuki did not describe any reason for the increase in the letter sent to his confirmed dealers, but the market sources said that it could have increased due to the value of rupees in comparison to the dollar.

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