Scottish citizen wear 15 t-shirts to save the rent

Scottish citizen wear 15 t-shirts to save the rent
Suppose during the journey, you reached the check-in desk and what do you know if your equipment is more than the actual limit? Either you must pay some money or leave the goods.
Jon Aron, a Scotland citizen, has brought a unique and surprising solution to this problem
On check-in desk, Jones were told that their equipment is at a fixed cost of 8kg, for which additional rent is to be paid. Jun refused to give extra money and got a separate solution, he wore 8 kgs of garments on the current clothes only.
The weather temperature was 30 degrees centigrade at the time when Jun wearing extra clothes,
Jun’s son recorded his video for wearing his clothes so much to post on Twitter.
The 17-year-old young man said he was returning home,The woman on the counter asked her to pay extra weight. On this father said to the lady, “Now see and then start wearing t-shirts and jumper.”
Security officials also took a look at June well and realized that they wanted to smuggle some things under the clothes, but they managed to escape the rug and managed to ride in the airplane

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