Samsung started cheating users through advertisements

Samsung started cheating users through advertisements
Samsung is South Korea Electric Products Manufacturing Company, Samsung’s mobile phone advertisements have become the focus of the recent days, in the advertisement, the company has shown that their phone is capable of utilizing all types of water.
In the advertisement, the phone has been stamped in the swimming pool and in the sea to make sure that the phone is safe in any type of water
A Australian Commissioner on Consumer Rights, Australian Compliance and Consumer Commission (ACCC) accused of accusing company.
According to the ECCC, the advertisement has claimed that the phone is used in all kinds of water when it is not. According to the commission, the South Korean company did not take proper review of its impact on salt water.
Many galaxy phones have been shown in advertisements that they can stay up to 1.5 meters in 30 minutes, but the commission pointed out that there is no any type of water involved.
The commission has accused that Samsung has shown its phones for swimming pools and seas over the years since 2016, when there is no reason to do so.
IT experts say that the company’s loss of billions of dollars may prove to be the case if Samsung’s claim of his phone is false.
On the other hand, the South Korean company said he was on his claim and would defend himself on every forum

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