Rajanpur You are happy, stay calm

Rajanpur You are happy, stay calm by Ramzan Rafique
The first tourist destination of my visit to Pakistan in 2019 is ‘Rajanpur’, which can also be called the last shore of Punjab province. I believe that the cities are like people, who look similarly in the sight, as the eyes, nose and ears of the people, the streets, the roads and the streets of the same way, but those who find them, feel their innocence. It’s up to date
In many years of life, I have never traveled beyond Multan, while now more than two dozen countries have been seen in the world, those cities of my country also have the right to pay their allegiance. My FSC’s Rome Mats Farhan and Hassan were also related to this area. The image of his oral made in my mind was from a city, backward and backward, but today’s Rajanpur was very different from Rajanpur 22 years ago.
When we came out from Multan to Rajanpur, a pleasant surprise took place. Almost all the way was smooth and spacious. In this city, my hosting duties, our university friend and Additional Deputy Commissioner, Rajanpur, did not go without saying that because of them I had seen this city.
From a small park adjacent to officers Colony, I started watching the city. It was a small park, it seemed to be like a new one, because all the swingers and benchmarks were tired, seeing the pictures of the desert and so on in the parks of the cities are seen. At least 10 to 20 people were present in this park at the time of 10 or 11 pm, with majority of students who were studying 2, 2 and 3, 3 for them.

Ramazan raffique

It was in the FSC era, how hard the students coming from that area. If students have equal facilities and opportunities available from the beginning and hard work is taken, students of these remote areas do not allow anyone to get rid of this race.
In front of the park I moved to the front of the library. This is the same road on which Rajanpur’s civil hospital, turtle and market comes. Life was on the road with its entire climate, in a range of lines, but moving vehicles, noise dried chairs, tires, motorcycles, cyclists, ladders, loader racks, Every kind of traffic was fun on its own destination, and I was mixing this picture with the imagination of any city in Europe, yes there was a single line in the bus road, if the sounds of the horn were minus then maybe the picture I know something. Suddenly my head turned towards cleaning the footpath, because she was so clear that it was a surprise, so I did not even have Multan clean.

My curiosity increased in the city. When the soldier standing in front of the civil hospital’s door saw the camera in my hand, he smiled not only, but got forward and got the hand from which media agencies came from? I said just for myself, his question was his pin and a welcome message. In front of a bunker seller saw me smile smiling. It was a few steps at a time where a Dolphin statue was installed, it was a few steps ahead of the local turtles and courts, where the information board was on the information board on the information board.
Electoral ads are set for a specially approved standard of Europe, within the limited days after the election expiry, the relevant representative of each political party is responsible for carrying out its banner, if Pakistan Even if I follow this principle, half the advertisements in the cities should be reduced. Go ahead on the road, then the market is located on the left. Understand this market as the Walking Street because it has no access to the vehicle, but the motorcycles and cyclists were looking forward.

Once I entered the market, I had a look at a lean barrel. I’d like permission to create a photo from the bearer and he allowed it freely. Market depth was on its edge, from nowhere the voices of goods sellers were rising, but generally the shopkeepers were looking forward to customers with a silent smile.
The special attraction for this market was the Baloch dress code and mystic hats. This style of clothing is generally not visible to you in the Punjab areas, but people living in this area of Punjab border and Baloch tribal people appear to be running on a variety of culture

The eligible market behavior was quite appreciated, I did not have any problems making images. I did deliberately think of making women’s photos, because I was the most loved by the curtains and the privacy of people’s privacy. A moti was wondering about his work, he welcomed me with a strange smile. A vegetable seller was selling a flowering flower at a step-by-step, a vegetable shop at a European country’s vegetable shop is lesser than that, so I did not find it at first glance.
When asked about the shopkeeper, he said that it was to be cautious, in front of a dog seller had stirred his head in a great way. On one side, a person was selling an open biscuit, I was objection to selling it open biscuits in such a way as dust, clay and beef here would worsen the quality of these biscuits. I asked her how many biscuits you sell daily, she said that 4 to 5 pt biscuits go to book, which I guess there are many buyers of fist quality here.
A few steps ahead, a sound was my favorite thama that one click on this side too. Two young men were smiling on my face to the front of the front. I just took their pictures. The same excuse also got an opportunity to communicate with them. It is said that Rajanpur is very calm city, there is no crime in the market, the market people are very good, nobody can attack or attack anyone here. This is the place where people come to the beach and stop the fight for the fight. In this case, two and the shopkeepers also participated in this conversation and started praising Rajanpur’s peace and brotherhood, more than their words I was glad that they were sharing their thoughts in my thoughts.
I went straight into the market, even the width of the market decreased, and this market was removed from the general market and contained clothes and dress-up shops. This section had a special number of women, so I did not think it was okay to make pictures here. In my opinion, I was watching showcases and accessories of shopkeepers that a stranger greeted me. It will be a 20 to 22 year old boy, saying that you are doing photography or have any assignment. said that. He introduced himself in a very good way and told that he is also interested in photography and is also studying at BZU. She is interested in coming in politics because her father was also active in politics. She dreams of setting up a new NGO in the world to showcase your area’s products in theworld.
It was a good idea, and I felt like that. He informed me of his information about local politics and jurists. He asked me to show a few items made locally on my request. From there I went to a dress shop with him, where there was a few patterns and dresses of local embroidery. But this embroidery did not really affect me so much. I think here the local industry is not working in the way the way it should work
he was still hoping to show me more places in the city that my phone started running. When I wanted permission from him, he wanted my mobile number from me that was not safe in my mind. The contact with the Facebook page was showing him bold; actually Pakistan was coming for a few days so I did not feel the need to remember the mobile number.

I talked about the thickness of the local business to work for the promotion of local industries and returned to the same road which I started the journey. So my hosts also came to me while looking for me. The car caught me from the Dolphin Square and I walked like a living room.
In practice, this 3-hour walk of power was inadequate to see Rajanpur, but there was a desire for me to pass through, that it was also a district of Punjab.

I appreciate the people’s hospitals; guests welcome welcome and smile in the city, and memorize the city in the pocket. You may not have to come to this side but the golden remembrance of a pleasant journey will keep flowers flowing, Rajanpur, be happy, stay calm.

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