Lahore Colorful three-day fashion week ended

Lahore Colorful three-day fashion week ended

The three-day fashion week ended Other designers, including Hassan Shaharyar Yasin (HSY) and Naimi Ansari, show explicit zest apparel on the changing season.
The colorful costume, the colorful beauty of the models, and the decorated fashion show with Hussain faces reached all around their scattered pieces. On the closing day of three-day fashion show, 8 designers presented in front of the beautiful collection of their designers.
Hasan Shahyaryar said that the fashion industry is happy to complete 25 years. The three-day fashionable dresses and models of rampages on the ramp continue to look at the judiciary, In the show of the last actress Haniya Amir, Urban yar Manor and Amora Hussain, the entry made the show more explicit.

In the three-day fashion week, celebrities of the film and the fashion industry, especially in Eastern and Western fashion, celebrated exclusively.

Designers and beauty models of designers, fashioned fashion week helped to understand people’s new trends and test designer’s skills.

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