History of Advisor Finance Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh

A look at the life of Advisor Finance Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh
Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh is one of the finest economists in the world, Hafeez Sheikh has extensive experience in privatization, he is connected to Howard and Cambridge University, he also employed in the World Bank.
Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, who holds a PhD degree in Economics, is also the author of ‘privatization in Argentina’ book, specializing in telecommunications, transport, aviation and bank privatization.
Hafeez Sheikh returned to Pakistan in 2000 And Sindh’s Finance and Planning, he took over as Federal Minister for Privatization, in 2003, he later became Senator on the Muslim League Q tickets.
Hafeez Sheikh was appointed advisor finance in the Pakistan Peoples Party. In 2010, the PPP elected him from the Senate, he remained Pakistan’s treasury till February 2013, Hafeez Sheikh’s father Abdul Babi Sheikh is counted in the foundations of Pakistan Peoples Party.

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