Grow vegetables at home

Grow vegetables at home
Often women desire that they grow vegetables throughout the world but they do not know how to place them and where. If you do not have more space at home, you can also grow vegetables in Potted. Nowadays the trolleys are available in the market, under which the wheels are underneath. You can keep them anywhere according to your convenience. If you have tried to plant vegetables, then it will have to see which vegetables they are able to grow in.
Let’s help you in this regard.
Salad leaves
Spring arrivals are coming, in this season, try to grow fresh salads and textile addresses. It can take place indoors, kitchens, gardens, or other areas. These types of leaves include Arugula, Rucola, Garden Cress, Japanese Greens, Oriental Mustard, Salad Rocket. It’s ready in 25 days.

Carrots, Radish and Chakndar
When you are looking for a salad, along with carrots, Radish and Chakndar, you should also wake up at home. These three vegetables can be grown in container,
Which make your salad colorful All these can be put together. These vegetables are prepared in 28 days. Some of them are also able to eat leaves.

It grows faster. That you can see them spreading themselves fruitlessly. This child will be interesting if they grow them. It can also be used in a basket outside the window. As long as you do not want to keep the water, you have to water it

In order to apply them, the depth of three inches of fertilizer is sufficient, In a few weeks, you start getting beans. It grows fast in the summer. Their balls bring beauty to the house
And make the environment happy.

Even for raising peas, I do not have to pay any special attention. Between March and June their seed seeds in the ground and break the peacock beans during June to August. It will need to be helpful. When you cook the latest peas, your fingers will be licked. The more you will be able to break the beans from peas bulls. It will grow so much more.

Onion and garlic

Onion and garlic grow themselves, they do not need special care. On the spring or autumn season, onions of bulbs or garlic shoulders fall into the dust, after some weeks, take them out and make part of their food.
This is a very interesting crop, which ends in the end of February and is destroyed in the beginning of March. When its green peel is headed out of the ground, then it covers it from fertilizers and soil After that the Kanel comes out again. Then cover the soil and fertilizer so that the size of the potatoes grows bigger. Do not forget to give water during that time. Potatoes are 10 to 20 weeks. Then dig out the ground and remove them.

Important Tips
 First of all, consider what vegetables they eat, who eat from home hobby
 Pepper, Tomato and Dahnya are used very much in every house.
 For garlic, onion, if there is more space or otherwise, it is sufficient for them, while the plant can be placed in a large container
 The listed vegetable requires a sunlight of at least six to eight hours a day and morning sun are great for them
 Seeds of these vegetables are available in the market. Information about this can be taken from the Internet, while YouTube can be used to watch videos of their growth and care.

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