Data scandal: $ 5 billion penalty on Facebook

Data scandal: $ 5 billion penalty on Facebook
The social networking website’s Facebook has been fined $ 5 billion in the history’s largest data scandal. The US Federal Trade Commission approved the biggest penalty for $ 5 billion in the history of utilizing 87 million users’ data on Facebook.
According to the US media, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched an investigation against Facebook in March 2018, which came to know that Cambridge analytical data has accessed Facebook users’ data.
It was pointed out in the fact that Facebook has violated the 2011 agreement under which it was necessary to consent and inform them before obtaining the user data.
Last year, Facebook acknowledged that they used consumer data and said that they would notify users in this regard. Many politicians and people criticize the amount of crime that it is very low to steal consumer data.
The amount of fines imposed on Facebook is $ 5 billion, it is a quarter of the Facebook profits, when the value is $ 45 million from this cost.

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